Quick and Easy #EdTech Professional Development

I’m willing to bet that professional development really revs your engine. No?

Well I probably should have guessed that, since I have a number of teacher friends and relatives who are always happy to regale me with stories of calling out sick on staff/professional development (‘inservice’) days, or dreading them wholeheartedly if they can’t manage to get out of them. Descriptions of these dreaded days are often adorned with adjectives like ‘boring’ or ‘lame’, sometimes even ‘irrelevant’.

So in an ideal world, professional development for teachers would:

  • Include things you could easily implement into your classroom
  • Be relevant to you, your subject, the tools you use or want to use, and the grade level you teach
  • Include content that you’re actually interested in

Try Something New

So while you may not be able to get out of your school’s staff development days, you CAN use the plethora of other resources available to you on the internet to provide yourself with your own professional development.

And if you’re in the market to brush up on your EdTech skills, it might be worth checking out Lynda.com, which provides training on a wide variety of software and web based programs.

A subscription costs $25 per month, but if you consider that you can view as many training videos as you’d like, and can watch and re-watch them as you wish, it’s not a bad deal – especially compared with other types of professional development courses that you’d take in person, or experience in conference type format.

Their offerings are searchable by subject,  by software , or by author of the video (in case you’ve completed one with a teacher you like, you can see what else they have to offer).

There are training videos for things like WordPress, iBooks, Evernote, Moodle, iPads, Keynote, and PowerPoint. If there’s a software or web based product that you’re not sure how to use, this is a great place to learn how to use it for a really reasonable price. You might even find something that you’re interested in learning that doesn’t relate to your teaching (Photoshop, anyone?).

I Just Like It

I’ll give a brief disclaimer here, which is that we haven’t been paid by the site, I just happen to think it offers good information that can be relevant to teachers who are looking to make their professional development relevant and useful for themselves.