PSA: Social Media Will Ruin Your Life

If you’re like me, you use social media on a daily basis. Sure it’s great to connect with other people, keep tabs on friends (and enemies), and even occupy your time when bored. But what about the negative effect it has on your life? What about the children?!!?

Luckily, the Public Service Announcement (above) is out and informing everyone about the hidden dangers of social media. YourTango, a company that whipped up a similarly ridiculous PSA last year about ‘Facebook Manners And You,’ has come out with this new gem.

The PSA is, in case you didn’t realize it, a parody. Not real. It’s designed to look like those old-school anti-drug films we all had to watch back in the days of reel-to-reel or VHS.

“Given how ubiquitous the social media frenzy has become, we were eager to address its impact on users’ relationships – YourTango’s raison d’être is to filter life through the prism of love and relationships, after all,” YourTango CEO and founder Andrea Miller told Mashable. “We couldn’t resist the opportunity to have fun and go a little over the top by parodying the phenomenon.”

Are You A Social Media Abuser?

What do you think about social media abuse? Are you guilty? Have you ever tweeted while your son or daughter hugged you? Do you succumb to peer pressure and try new social media tools (in the women’s locker room?) Weigh in below in the comments!