What Does YOUR Professional Development Look Like?


Summer break often offers teachers an opportunity to catch up on what they’ve been too busy to do during the school year. I’ve heard from some of you that this means weeding your garden, actually ironing and putting away clothes instead of taking them (clean) right out of the laundry basket, and trying to increase the number of meals you actually make and eat at home. Many teachers also use summer to catch up on the professional development that often has to take a backseat to grading,  spending time in the classroom, and you know – actually tending to students during the school year.

Well, inquiring minds want to know: What Professional Development did you do while you were on break this summer? Take our quick and easy poll and share your thoughts on professional development with the Edudemic community. We want to know about what types of PD you love (and don’t love) and what you’d like to see offered in the future. When we get a good number of responses, we’ll make up a handy graphic to show what the Edudemic community is thinking! If we hear from enough readers, we’ll be able to tailor some recommendations based on what most people are interested in!

Click here to participate in the poll, and Show Me Your PD!

(It won’t take but a whiff of a moment!*)

*bonus points if you can tell me what movie that line is from!