Behind The Scenes Of Your Gmail Inbox

It’s been a couple of months since Google first launched Priority Inbox. Since then, they’ve heard from a number of people who’ve found it helpful in combating information overload.

Looking at median time in conversation view, Google noticed that typical Priority Inbox users spend 43% more time reading important mail compared to unimportant, and 15% less time reading email overall as compared to Gmail users who don’t use Priority Inbox.

For example, one thing that users have been demanding is a bit more transparency over why an e-mail conversation is or isn’t in your Priority Inbox. As of today, you can now hover over an importance marker () to see a short explanation (e.g. “Important because you marked it as important” or “Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.”).

Google also made some adjustments and made the actual learning process of the Priority Inbox a lot faster. Now it won’t take you hitting ‘Mark As Spam’ 10 times for it to get the picture.

If you have more ideas for improvements, please share them with Google on their new product ideas page — or just vote on ideas that others suggest.