Poland Approves Impressive Nationwide ‘Digital School’ Program

What would you say if your country’s federal government suddenly agreed to make a sizable investment into education technology for your school? What if your school got about $60,000 to spend on technology, training, and implementation?

What would you do?

That’s the question 380 schools in Poland are now answering. They’ve been selected to act as test schools for the country’s new ‘Digital Schools’ program. The $30 million pilot program has just been approved and is making me feel quite jealous.

3 Key Features of the Program

  1. The ‘Digital Schools’ program involves nationwide advertising campaigns which will boost awareness of this venture.
  2. All the educational materials will have a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0) to allow for easy sharing and attribution.
  3. One of the biggest features (to me) is the creation of a national repository of training materials. In other words, teachers in all of the test schools will have access to a nationwide archive of how to do just about anything online. It’s like having a nationally-subsidized Edudemic!

A Model For Other Countries?

We’ll be exploring this initiative a bit further this week as it could serve as a model for other countries looking to invest in education technology.

What do you think of the rollout? What would you change about it? Could it be done in your school or country? Weigh in on the Edudemic Facebook page!