44 (And Counting) Ways To Use A Pocket Video Camera In The Classroom

Do you have a Flip video camera? What about an iPhone or other smartphone capable of somewhat-HD video? Video cameras have never been easier to obtain and use thanks to the web’s big push towards video. Luckily, your teaching method can be greatly enhanced with only minimal effort thanks to these new gadgets.

In another fantastic installment, @tombarrett is asking for your help in creating a crowdsourced list of how to use a pocket video camera in the classroom. It’s all happening on a living document right now on Google Docs. Just click here to add this public doc to your Google Doc list.

Once you’ve added your $.02, be sure to check out the fantastic ideas available for viewing below. The slides below will be updated as the presentation is updates so this will always be the most up-to-date version. Enjoy!