Perfect Beach Reading: Edudemic Magazine July Issue Now Available!

We’ve got a pantload of new stuff for all our fabulous readers of the Edudemic Magazine. From a look at what’s making edtech tick behind the scenes to figuring out which device is actually the best one for your classroom and more… we’ve done our best to compile what’s happening, what you should know about, and what to expect in the world of education technology. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the July issue (Volume 7) of the Edudemic Magazine.

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First, a quick note: we have a new development team just about done with an all-new version of the Edudemic Magazine app. It features free previews, Retina Display optimization, pinching, zooming, and about a dozen other features you’ve been asking for. Android version should be ready soon too!

It should also go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that every article is unique and not found on We work extra hard to brainstorm, discuss, write, lay out, and publish only the best stuff. Hopefully you enjoy our hard work!

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6 Questions We’ve Been Dying To Ask @ShellTerrell

We were able to grab some time with Shelly Terrell, a true Twitter wunderkind who shared her expert insight into the past, present, and future of education technology.

ISTE 2012: A Newbie’s Thoughts

Is ISTE the future of conferences or the past? As a newbie to the conference, I couldn’t help but ask this question over and over. Find out why.

The View From The Other Side

This is a new column for the Edudemic Magazine that explores the world of education outside of the usual U.S. coverage. It is written by Adam Webster who lives in the United Kingdom. Adam will share his thoughts, insight, and perspective from what he’s seeing in the United Kingdom.

How To Choose The Best Device

Looking to deploy a new piece of hardware in your classroom? It’s a great time of the year to think about it. Use our helpful step-by-step guide and charts in your process. Click here for more info on this article.

10 iPad Tips & Tricks

Assuming you’re considering an iPad deployment in your classroom or school, we figured it’d be helpful to share our favorite tips and tricks for the revolutionary device.

Chromebook Tips & Tricks

Chromebooks are slowly gaining steam and are a fraction of the cost of an iPad. But they’re not just netbooks. There’s different keys and functions you need to know about. Like the many we detail in this article!

Future Device Rumors

What’s coming down the pipeline? What should you care about? The never-ending flood of education technology may not stop, but we boil down what you definitely need to know about when it comes to seeing what will be in your classroom in the coming years.

New Study (And Results) On Flipped Classrooms

We worked with ClassroomWindow and Flipped Learning to see if all the buzz about flipped classrooms is actually worth its salt. Long story short, it is! We’ve got dozens of teachers offering their feedback as well as new information about the joint study.

What To Know About Adaptive Learning

Technology and age-appropriate lessons are great and all. But there’s a critical piece missing that every teacher should know about. Christina Yu of Knewton shares exactly what that is.

The Monthly Quickie: Book Review Of Clark Aldrich

Don’t have enough time to read a book? We read it for you. This month’s inaugural book is Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich, a friend of Edudemic.

The Benefits Of A Digital Classroom

Students are at the front lines of the parallel digital experience, simply because of their youth. They were born into a world in which rapid technology, the Internet, even online profiles would play a de facto role in their lives. And whether they’re sharing pop-culture sound bytes or completing online assignments for school, students exist comfortably with an online parallel world. And educators have every opportunity to not only buy into, but reap the benefits of that phenomenon.

Teacher Profile: Lisa Highfill

We chat with Lisa Highfill of Fairlands Elementary School in Pleasanton, California. She talks about what she thinks makes an ideal classroom and some of the best parts about using technology in education.

10 Apps We’re Loving

Looking to improve your writing? Learning what muscle does what? Make video calls without Skype or Google+? Our newest 10 apps in the July issue are worth checking out!

Even More!

Want to grab the July issue? It’s just $1.99 and even cheaper if you subscribe. We’re hard at work on the next few issues of Edudemic Magazine and can’t wait to share all our hard work. Thanks for checking out the magazine!

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