Pearson Dash Promises to Support the 21st Century Classroom


PearsonDash is a teacher’s application for the iPad distributed by the textbook publisher, Pearson.  The student application is called Pearson eText.  Both are rather robust resources, using the textbook as the basis for learning that is active, relevant, differentiated, and leans toward self-directed.  Pearson aimed to bring all the resources teachers and students would need to learn in 21st century style.  I’d say they almost hit the mark.

Pearson Dash Features

What I Like

There’s a lot about this application I like.

  • Teachers have all the resources they need on their iPad, for example, and do not need to lug around a teacher’s edition of the textbook, workbook, and other materials.
  • As teachers manage their class, they can easily add notes to the application about lessons and students. For instance, teachers can add seating charts to their Dash.  Each student icon gives teachers access to a notepad.  Teachers can easily add observations about their students as they manage-by-walking-around.
  • The purpose of the application is to let teachers become facilitators of learning and to differentiate instruction based on their students’ needs.
  • Active learning is a priority, not teaching to the text.
  • Students that have access to the eText can listen to an audio version of the textbook, highlight text, make notes, and even participate in study groups.  They can share notes with their classmates via a Bluetooth connection or when the students are on the same WiFi network.
  • Students have access to primary sources, infographics (such as maps), and their student journal (the workbook).


What I’d Like to See

  • Give teachers the ability to capture audio notes. Perhaps while teachers are interacting with students, they could capture the audio of these spontaneous conferences.
  • Allow teachers to share notes with other teachers.  This would support cross-curricular academic progress.
  • Let teachers add hyperlinks to their notes that would open in Safari.  Teachers could add supporting materials while prepping the lesson.  Right now, I think the application is too grounded in the text book and other proprietary resource


I’m No Expert on This Application

These are my first impressions.  I really like the app.  If you are a teacher and use Pearson texts, this is one app you should review for yourself.  Let us know what you think!

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