The Teacher’s Guide To Parent Volunteers In The Classroom

Parents volunteering in the classroom can be pretty useful for the teacher, especially for much younger students. Most often, parent volunteers are associated with many of the ‘fun’ tasks – like helping out at class parties, baking goodies for bake sales, helping out at family fun nights or school wide social events, making crafts, and chaperoning field trips, but there is so much more they can do to lend a hand with more learning centered activities. Especially with younger kids, even just having an extra set of hands and eyes to keep everyone on track can be extremely helpful!

Earlier today we looked at some ways to keep in touch with the families of students in your classroom. Now, we can take a look at this handy infographic below. It showcases a few ideas on things you can ask your parent classroom volunteers to do. Some of the suggestions are specifically focused on parents that work full time and can’t actually come to the classroom during the school day, which we think are particularly useful since so many parents work while their kids are in school. Keep reading to learn more!

What Can Parent Volunteers Do In Your Classroom?

Parent volunteers can…

  • Listen to students read
  • Help students with homework and other activities
  • Prepare learning centers and activities
  • Create newsletters
  • Help with computer skills
  • Help with gardening
  • Help with career information and readiness

Parents who work and can’t make it to the classroom can….

  • Prepare learning center activities from home
  • Update the class newsletter, website, or Pinterest page
  • Skype with students needing extra help in a subject

Teachers can help make organizing volunteers easier for themselves by…

  • Appointing a parent volunteer as the leader who gives other parents tasks
  • Providing the volunteers with their assignments well in advance
  • Asking the parents to do the same task each week