18 Overused Innovation Terms That You Might As Well Know About

The world needs innovators. Which means that as teachers, we need to be leading our students to be innovative thinkers and learners. While there’s always some innovation happening in the classroom, there are also many hurdles to innovation (like required curriculum and standardized testing. Getting students excited about innovation is one thing, but before you can do that, you need to understand the concepts and terms surrounding innovation. 

The handy infographic below from Mia MacMeekin takes a look at 18 terms and concepts concerning innovation. Do you know what they are? Take a look – if you’re not sure of one, take a moment to look it up.  Understanding the concepts more thoroughly will help you guide your students more effectively!

Innovation Terms and Concepts

  1. Systematic Innovation
  2. Jugaad
  3. Tangible Value
  4. First Mover Advantage
  5. Lean Innovation
  6. Disruptive Innovation
  7. Crowdsourcing
  8. Spirit of Innovation
  9. Creative Commons
  10. Open Innovation
  11. Spirit of Play
  12. User Engagement
  13. Cultural Lag
  14. Creativity
  15. Risk Takers
  16. Product Innovation
  17. Corporate Culture
  18. Collaborative