What Everyone Should Know About Children Out Of School

unesco children in school57 million children worldwide are out of school. Not out of school in the ‘for vacation’ sense, but in the scary they don’t have the option to go to school way.

In 2000, there was a big push to offer primary education to all children across the globe by 2015, and that effort was pretty fruitful. By 2008, the number of out of school children had dropped from 102 million to around 60 million. But since then, the progress in this effort has pretty much halted. So what’s going on? Take a look at this video from UNESCO to learn more about who these out of school children are, where they live, and what’s happening with the efforts to make schooling available to every child.

A Few Takeaways From The Video

  • From 2000-2008, the number of out of school children dropped from 102 million to 60 million
  • There are currently 57 million children out of school, 49% of whom will never go to school, 23% have dropped out, and 28% will start school late
  • That means 1 in 10 children will never go to school in their life
  • Half of these children live in sub-saharan Africa
  • Many don’t attend school because they are forced to work, become mothers or soldiers, or may be disabled
  • Girls from poor rural families are most likely to be excluded from education
  • Cost of education (and associated expenses like books and supplies) is a major issue for these children
  • Lack of materials, teachers, overcrowding, and poor conditions in schools make schools seem undesirable
  • By 2015, it is expected that the world will need 6.8 million new teachers (to replace leaving teachers and to fill newly created posts)