5 Online Tutoring Services That Supplement Students’ Learning

Online tutoring and online learning are big these days. Both are easy, convenient and quite affordable ways to gain skills and knowledge, which can also be successfully combined with the school curriculum and other important commitments that a person has.

If a student could benefit from some extra help with homework or requires a more individual approach from a tutor, then online tutoring is a great choice. Online tutors can assist a child with their homework assignments or help them acquire important learning skills that will make it easier for them to succeed. Choosing the right online tutoring platform that corresponds to your child’s learning needs and your financial ability can be difficult.

Selecting an Online Tutoring Service

  • The first thing to pay attention to when looking for a provider of online tutoring services, is the certification of its tutors. Naturally there are people who are born to be wonderful teachers and instinctively know what a student needs, but they are few and far between. As a rule it takes much time and effort to become a professional in the teaching field and the availability of such certificates can prove that first a person’s expertise can be trusted and secondly, that the school itself takes the matter seriously.
  • The next important step is to make sure the online program or lesson plans correspond directly to your child’s short- and long-term educational needs and expectations. You can negotiate the program with a tutor and make sure he clearly understands and is prepared to meet your expectations as for your kid’s education.
  • Another essential factor to consider is whether or not your child will be able to get his tutor’s assistance whenever he needs it. Check if the tutor is to be available to assist your kid with homework anytime. Keep in touch with the tutor and make sure he is ready to provide you with a feedback on your child’s progress.
  • And finally, although many parents say they would spare no expenses to provide the best educational opportunities for their children, money does matter. Affordability does not necessarily mean worse quality. Make sure you are familiar with the fees that a particular company charges. Spend time to compare prices from different the online tutoring service providers.

Five Online Tutoring Options




STIZZiL offers individual and group online tutoring lessons tailored to any student’s needs at their convenience and safety, taught by experienced U.S. licensed teachers through state-of-the-art interactive web tools, such as live web video. They will match the best teacher to the right student based on an in-depth survey filled out by the student. All of their teachers undergo a rigorous background inquiry , and STIZZiL prides themselves on having the best teachers on board. The sessions are recorded and archived so that the student and tutor can review them later if they need to.

While STIZZiL probably won’t be your cheapest option for online tutoring, their student-to-tutor matching and high standards for their tutors make the price well worth it. They also offer a free first session so that you can get a really clear picture of how their service works before you decide to commit to a longer series of sessions.


Whether you need a tutor or help with homework, or you are eager to get a test prep assistance, or need answers to your science study project, Eduboard can help in more than 32 subjects including math, science, social studies, writing, and computer science.

Eduboard is a relatively new online tutoring company, which has already proven itself as an effective and reliable service, designed to deliver individual tutoring help for students of all ages. Overall, the site is really helpful and user-friendly. At the very moment it provides Q&A (‘Get an Answer’ Module) service and one-to-one tutoring service via whiteboard using audio-chat.

Eduboard is quite affordable for online tutoring, and they offer such a wide variety of subjects from elementary level through university. A 30-minute online tutoring session is $20 dollars, plus it provides 10-minutes free trial. Q&A board serves for $2-10 per answer depending on its complexity. If you still can’t find the price you want, you can set own price and you’ll be notified if your professor’s okay with you. Moreover, students can choose the tutor due to his/her achievements, experience, rate and price. All tutors are certified to provide high-quality instructions of different difficulty levels and are sure to find the best approach to a student’s learning needs. You can schedule session or get instant help at Eduboard, and it is convenient for both those looking for quick one time help or a series of online tutoring sessions.


Tutor.com is another worthy tutoring company that offers a wide range of disciplines. They have been in the tutoring market for a while and have developed a reputation for being an effective and qualified learning resource. The tutoring program works well for all students and an important thing here is that they do not require you to stay with them for a long time but rather give you a chance to seek help whenever you need it.

Their main advantage is that you could be connected to any tutor in 2-5 minutes. The number of subjects covered is more than 24, such as math, social studies, science, etc. One hour of tutoring session costs $39 is provided via whiteboard software solution.

Also tutor.com provides free service for militaries and some discounts for their family members. This site is great for these who seek quick help by online tutors.


Tutorvista is generally good for those who seek long-term assistance rather than nonscheduled or one-time-only help with homework problems. They offer reasonably-priced services and discounts for their long-term students. However, the company expects its clients to pay a tutoring fee for at least one month of studies, which costs $125. Some students might find inconvenient if they seek occasional help rather than full-time commitment.

Tutorvista has a wide range of subjects covered and is good for K-12 and college students 24/7. Tutors have graduate degrees, undergo months of training and pass a stringent certification process before they become certified online tutors and provide assessment test to ensure the effectiveness of learning.


Growingstars provides online tutoring services of an acceptable quality and can offer a comparatively wide variety of subjects. The most attractive feature here is the cost of a session, which, even though has increased a little recently, is still quite affordable and amounts to $120 per 8 hours (monthly pricing package).

Growingstars provides a lot of subjects and courses to learn for high schoolers and college students, including several foreign language courses. Before you start using it, be sure to buy headset with microphone to be able to participate in tutoring sessions. Overall, these guys are really serious about their support.

To sum it up, don’t wait until a student desperately needs help or to catch up! Finding a good and reliable tutoring service can help keep motivated and interested all the way. Online educational options are growing in scope and quality every day.


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      Margie, the payments are easily transfered via payment systems such as PayPal, American Express etc.

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    It is true that the first thing to pay attention to when looking for a provider of online tutoring services is the qualification of its tutors (which can be certified by the providers more or less accurately) . However, It may be worthwhile to consider providers where anyone can register as tutor and describe one’s qualifications without the provider proofing them against formal certificates (like Buddyschool and Tutors-Live — see a comparative grid of tutoring service providers in http://www.tutors-live.com/tutoring_sites_compared). Tutors in these sites are usually less expensive and in most cases offer the first lesson free of charge without any commitment, so it is relatively easy to check, by means of a short interview via Skype, whether a tutor is competent enough and suited to one’s needs. With this kind of providers, the student can select tutors using various criteria among hundreds of offerings, while with providers offering hired or affiliated tutors, the selection is normally done by the providers, or the choice is very limited.

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