6 Online Education Features You May Not Know About

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Online education isn’t just about increasing the reach of education so anyone on the planet can benefit. Sure, it does that. But it’s a pedagogical dream as well. There are at least six reasons that online education should be seriously considered by teachers and education administrators right now.

Cost & Benefit Analysis

I’ll get to those in a moment (or you can just scroll down if that’s your thing) but first I thought it would be helpful to cover the costs and benefits of online education. In terms of cost to students and teachers, there can be a steep learning curve if you’re new to integrating technology into your educational practice.

It takes awhile to find the best online education resources that fit your needs. Heck, even after you choose an online learning platform, it can take awhile to get up to speed. That’s why it’s important to start thinking about online education right now.

Now, the benefits for students. Conducting online education empowers individuals with a unique new ability to express themselves. It forces online students to stay on task despite numerous distractions. There aren’t always specified classroom hours which means students have to be able to adapt their education into their daily rituals. It teaches students that they have to keep up a balance in their life at all times.

These two big costs and benefits are obviously not exhaustive. In fact, there are hundreds of other reasons to try out online technology. There are also plenty of reasons it’s not for everyone. That being said, here are 6 more reasons online education tools should be seriously considered by teachers around the world.

Response to Intervention
Most online education tools should provide teachers and administrators with the tools for assessment and instruction for all 3 tiers of Response to Intervention (RTI).

Enrichment or Acceleration
Online education tools and services allow students the ability to practice their newly-acquired skills or to go over previous lessons as if they’re happening live. In fact, online education lets most students have the ability to accelerate their educational growth thanks to the 24-7 availability of resources.

Actionable Assessments
There’s no reason to assume online education can’t deliver the same type of assessments given in brick-and-mortar classrooms. In fact, grading and analytical tools have progressed quite rapidly over the past year. Assessments done via online education help students in all skill levels and can be a helpful add-on to any classroom exercise. When I was a student, I never would have dreamed of taking a math test at 8pm in my own bedroom but times they are a-changing.

Special Education
For teachers in an inclusive or special education classroom, most education tools provide an easy way to customize lessons based on students’ strengths and weaknesses so everyone is practicing and mastering their basic math skills at a pace that works for them.

Blended Learning
Using online education tools like TenMarks Math as the technology component in the blended classroom makes it possible for a teacher to more effectively guide, manage, communicate, and instruct.

Before/Afterschool Programs & Homework
Just like the actionable assessments, online education now lets teachers figure out exactly where each student is in terms of progress on classroom projects, learning goals, etc. Teachers and students alike can see that they’re a bit behind or ahead of where they should be.

Like A Flipped Classroom

Online education tools constantly remind me of the flipped classroom model. The student is in charge in both scenarios. The teacher is able to act as a guide and moderator rather than a lecturer in both scenarios as well. It’s very exciting to see this shift in education happening relatively quickly. Only time will tell what happens next but you can rest assured Edudemic will be there to keep you up to date!


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