Online Colleges in Ohio: Rankings & Report

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Top 21 Highest Scoring Ohio Online Colleges

Ohio Recap

There are 23 schools in Ohio that offer at least four, 100% fully online programs. Here’s our rundown of the best in the state:

  • Best graduation rate: Ohio University (67%)
  • Best retention rate: University of Cincinnati (86%)
  • Best tuition rate: Ohio University ($240 per credit hour)
  • Best response score: Union Institute & University
  • Best career services score: Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, University of Toledo (tie)
  • Best financial aid score: Bowling Green State University (perfect score)
  • Best transparency score: Ohio University, Malone University, Kent State University at Tuscarawas, Franklin University, Kent State University at Trumbull (tie, perfect score)
  • Best performance score: University of Cincinnati

What you should know about online education in Ohio:

  • Public schools dominate the top of the list. 5 of our top 7 schools, including #1 and #2, are public. Private schools largely round out the bottom of the list. Exceptions include Malone University and Hiram College, who came in at #3 and #5 respectively.
  • Kent State makes it regional. There are several regional campuses that have online programs. We ranked them separately, and many of them are strong. If you want to have a campus nearby, this gives you options.

Ranking recap:

  1. Started with 380 Ohio colleges from NCES
  2. Corresponded with 44 colleges offering at least one online Bachelors degree
  3. Filtered down to 23 colleges with at least four, 100% fully online programs
  4. Followed up with additional emails and phone calls to the top 10 colleges

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If you’d like to know more about our methodology, please read our full methodology.