Now Available: The March Issue of the Edudemic Magazine

We’re proud to announce the newest issue of the Edudemic Magazine has been released! If you’re one of our subscribers, you already have access to the issue so just fire up the app and start reading. If you’re not a subscriber but interested in education, technology, gamification of education, infographics, and more… grab the March issue today!

It’s by far our biggest issue to date. At more than 70 pages, it’s chock-full of unique articles and content that you won’t find anywhere else. Edudemic Magazine features fresh and original content written exclusively for the magazine, and designed to leverage the interactive capability of the iPad, something we’re evolving every month. This is not a simple “Edudemic app” of our blog posts, but a full-featured, interactive 21st century magazine with a growing content catalogue, and a full-time staff developing content. We took great care to make it something you can be excited to read, and find useful in the classroom.

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The March issue features an all-new layout thanks to user feedback, improved readability, interactive graphics, in-depth articles, and a series of discussions on the gamification of education. Everything from what ‘gamification’ is, all the way to how to implement it.

Check out the table of contents to see what’s in store for the March issue:

From The Editor’s Desk
An apology, and a look at what’s jam-packed into the March issue of the iPad magazine.

News Roundup
What’s happening in the world of education and technology that you may have missed.

The High Cost of High School Dropouts
It’s not as glamorous as Lebron James may lead you to believe. There’s a big price that students and others pay.

Education’s Dream iPad
The iPad is huge in education. But it could be in every classroom on the planet if it met these criteria.

No Child Left Behind Education Proposals Designed To Reduce Federal Role, Improve Flexibility and State Autonomy
There’s a push toward adjusting the role and goal of NCLB. A look at the latest proposed revisions.

Jeremy Lin’s Success An Analogue For Education Reform
Call it Linsanity, but there’s more to this David v Goliath story than you know. It has roots in education and motivating students to be their best.

Digital Tools To Improve Composition: Moving From Writing Journals To Social Media
We look at the pros and cons of the various publishing tools available.

Clarifying Gamification
Grades, trophies, and ribbons have been around forever. So why is gamification in education suddenly the big buzzword?

How Video Games Are Changing Education
A companion to the Clarifying Gamification piece, this interactive infographic spells out the what, why, and how video games affect learning.

Badges & The Smithsonian
The Smithsonian is now awarding badges to students able to demonstrate varying levels of understanding.

Microcredentials: The Badge Stack Project
A look at the only open source badge-based learning platform.

How Social Media Tamed The Internet
We very well may be headed towards the erosion of the internet, and the beginning of the socialnet, fully warped by the intense gravity of Facebook.

Teaching Differently
While the call to innovate learning is strong, it isn’t an easy process for educators–even if with all the resources and tech in the world.

The Edudemic Magazine: How & Why I Did It
Why subject yourself through months of trauma all in hopes of finding a new way to communicate? That’s the big question still haunting Jeff Dunn, creator of the magazine.

Teacher Profile: John Weisenfeld
First-year teacher John Weisenfeld talks about his experience so far, his dream classroom, and some of the biggest challenges he’s faced.

And more!

Be sure to check out the app (free to download, $1.99 per issue) and leave a review on the iTunes Store to let others know what you think. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments… drop me a line at edudemic[at]