How To Turn A Composition Notebook Into An iPad Case

There are hundreds of iPad covers out there. Some are fantastic and some are ‘meh’ but what do they all have in common? They cost money. If you’re a teacher or student, worry no more.

Many people in education have a ton of binders, folders and notebooks lying around. It’s time to show off just how clever you are by using one of those composition notebooks as your new iPad case. It’s not hard to do. In fact it’s just a couple steps. The full guide is over at Lil Blue Boo.

What You’ll Need

  • A composition notebook
  • A razor blade
  • A couple hair elastics / rubber bands
  • The box your iPad came in

How To Make It

Photo 1 & 2: I took a razor blade and cut out the pages…..this composition book was on its last leg so they basically fell out.
Photo 3 & 4: I removed the plastic insert from the box that the iPad came in and marked the height of the notebook for reference on the side.

Photo 5: I continued my height measurement all the way around the insert.
Photo 6 & 7: Using a razor blade I carefully cut out the top of the plastic insert.
Photo 8: I cut off one side of the remaining plastic.

It’s not that much harder. Just a few more steps. Be sure to check out the full guide over at Lil Blue Boo!