The Ultimate Search Engine For Prospective Students

Whoa. And you thought Google was helpful when it came to finding information about education. There’s a new search engine on the block that’s making waves in the edu-world. It’s called Noodle and it’s designed just for prospective students. What could be better than that?

What Is It?

Noodle (yep, that’s the name, reminiscent of Google no?) is a search and recommendation engine that helps prospective (and current) students figure out the best educational resources based on what’s important to them.

For example, you can search for ‘Harvard’ like I did in the screenshots below and see information about Harvard, schools related to Harvard, companies related to Harvard, guidance counseling, study abroad opportunities, test prep companies, people, and more. Not bad for typing in one word into a box.

Noodle, in my opinion, is going to attempt to grow into a larger search engine service that will be helpful to teachers, administrators, and others. For now though, it’s geared toward prospective students who want to find out more information on potential schools. That makes sense since Noodle was started by the founder of Princeton Review. Regardless, I really wish Noodle existed when I was applying to colleges. Alas, I was born a bit too early.

In case you were curious, Noodle launched in a beta late last year but did its official full-scale launch today. It takes advantage of more than 120,000 education providers within the many categories of education.

How It Works

It’s basically like Google except there’s some extra steps needed. In order to personalize your search results, you have to answer a few simple questions. Once you create an account and start getting your search on, you can save, organize, and share your results with others.

It’s even a little social network-y as you can connect with friends and fellow students. For example, you could share your ‘top schools’ list with others and compare it to your friends. Then you can each see where the other person is applying!

Noodle wants to basically put the power of admissions into the hands of the student. It wants students to be the power brokers by letting them take charge of the process. In other words, rather than have colleges and universities shell out a truckload of dollars to draw in applicants, Noodle lets students start the conversation with schools they find and are interested in.

Putting power in the hands of the students? Love it.

For what it’s worth, check out Noodle if you’re interested in free web 2.0 tools. While Noodle won’t replace Google, it will be a helpful tool for prospective students. Enjoy!



  1. zvov1

    May 4, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    I’ve found Engindex ( ) to be useful not just for education but also for more general queries. Lesser known search engines like Yandex or Duck Duck Go sometimes returns hits that are more relevant than Google or Bing.

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