New YouTube Tool Visualizes Your Political Opinions In Real-Time

Here’s a great web 2.0 tool that gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions on issues and then see how your opinion compares to others. It’s called The Voice Of and is a YouTube-based web tool that was just unveiled by the Commission of Presidential Debates.

It’d be a perfect tool to try out during tonight’s Vice Presidential debate in the U.S. But it’s more than just a one-time tool. You can use this pool to essentially voice your opinion about important topics … then see where your view falls in regard to the rest of the world. It’s like a real-time crowd-sourced polling tool.

How It Works

Head over to The Voice Of and you can view the dashboard of what’s happening on the site right now. Then, select one of the following categories and you can see what people are saying. Everything is shown in a very visual and useful manner thanks to interactive graphs and charts.

- Energy & The Environment
- Regulation
- Social
- Education
- Foreign
- Jobs
- Federal
- Healthcare
- Taxes
- Terrorism
- Immigration

Now, it’s time to voice your opinion! Just click on the ‘Voice Your View’ button and fill out the questionnaire. Your opinion will then get added to the data visualization. Simple as that. NOTE: You’ll need to sign in with your Google account to have your opinion registered.

Classroom Usage

This will be great to monitor during any live event but very useful for your class to fill out at any time. They can input their opinions, learn about important topics, and then see where their opinions fall in terms of the rest of the users. It’s interactive, educational, and fun. What could be better?

The Commission on Presidential Debates is a nonprofit nonpartisan organization established in 1987 to ensure that the debates provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners. The Voice Of is a nonpartisan educational platform that goes beyond parties and candidates to what really matters: the issues. Find your voice by taking a stance on each topic and see how you compare to others. Then, watch live as the issues are covered in the presidential debates.

What It Looks Like

Dashboard of the tool

the voice of

Sample question

the voice of

After you register an opinion. Note the person in the middle!