New Web App Gamifies Your Classroom With Text Messages

When you hear the term ‘texting’ you probably cringe a bit. Or you think about texting while driving. Or maybe even how students will sneak texting in below their desks while a teacher isn’t looking.

That’s not the case for 8th graders at Roosevelt Middle School in Bridgeport CT. They actually encourage texting. They’re using a new web app called StudentPositive that lets teachers use smartphones, tablets, and computers to notifiy students about when they’re doing a great job or not.

Each positive behavior earns the students points, but they can also lose points for inappropriate behavior like talking out of turn or neglecting their school work. At the end of every class each student is automatically sent a text message that tells them if they’re on track toward their daily behavior goals, or in danger of failing behind.

“It’s amazing to see the kids so enthusiastic about their behavior. They love that it’s OK to be on their phone during school, and now that they’re reminded throughout the day, overall behavior has improved dramatically,” says Kristin Morgan, a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Bridgeport.

StudentPositive plans to roll out a number of similar features over the coming months — all geared toward engaging students, empowering teachers, and improving school culture. Other teachers or schools interested in using StudentPositive with their students can register for a beta invite on the company’s website,