10 New Technologies You Should Know About

Every year has its standouts, right? 2007 had the original iPhone, and 2010 had the iPad. But what has 2014 offered us in terms of awesome technology thus far? There’s been some chatter about things like Google Glass, but I have yet to see any notable number of folks walking around donning their Google specs. There are lots of little things that come out that are better than the last version, but we’ve really been looking at a lot of incremental improvements on existing technology – iOS8 is not offering any major breakthroughs or improvements over iOS7, iOS6, etc. 

The handy infographic below from Weekly Science brings us 10 technologies from 2014 that are pushing the envelope tech-wise. Have you heard of them, or seen them yet? We know you’ve heard about 3D printing already, but what about the others? Weigh in by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.

The 10 Great Technologies of 2014

  1. Agriculture drones
  2. Ultraprivate smartphones
  3. Brainmapping
  4. Neuromorphic chips
  5. Genome editing
  6. Agile robots
  7. Microscale 3D printing
  8. Smart wind and solar power
  9. Mobile collaboration
  10. Oculus rift