3 Powerful New Tools To Monitor Student Behavior

Want to keep better track of students’ behavior? If you’ve been relying on your memory or hastily-written notes, it’s time to check out these 3 resources that were just featured at the NBC Education Nation Summit.

Each one has a slightly different take on the best way to keep track of who is behaving, who is acting up and then how the teacher should respond.


ClassDojo uses real-time feedback to improve behavior in class, and automatically generates actionable behavioral data for teachers, administrators and parents. ClassDojo’s big vision is for us to fix ‘the other half’ of education: going beyond just building test scores, to applying comparable rigor to actually building great character rather than expecting it to just ‘happen’.

ClassDojo won the $75,000 top prize at the Education Nation Innovation Challenge. Click here to read our featured article on them.

Sam Chaudhary was an early employee at a VC-backed startup, prior to which he worked as a teacher and then in education policy at McKinsey & Co in London. He holds a Double First-Class degree in Economics from Cambridge, and was going to do a PhD but instead taught high school. He’d previously taught while still a high-school student himself.

Liam Don was an MMO games developer at Runescape (Jagex). He was midway through a PhD in Computer Science, focused on education technology, which he left to pursue this idea; he holds a First Class Degree in Computer Science from the University of Durham. Sam and Liam are early-stage seed funded by the incubator ImagineK12.

Learn more at ClassDojo.com.


Kickboard is intuitive software that puts detailed student information right at the teachers’ and administrators’ fingertips. With Kickboard, teachers and administrators can collect and analyze academic and behavioral performance efficiently and in real time so that they can make appropriate interventions. Users can measure student progress, manage classroom workflow, and ensure consistency in school culture.

Jennifer Medbery, founder and CEO of Kickboard, is a software developer who spent three years in the classroom as a high school math teacher. After receiving her degree in Computer Science from Columbia University, Jen joined Teach For America in the Mississippi Delta and then served as a founding teacher at a high-performing charter school in New Orleans. There, Jen developed the idea for Kickboard. She needed a way to make better instructional decisions based on data that showed which skills students knew, which they had yet to master, and how student behavior impacted academic achievement. Jen left the classroom to buid the tools she wished she had in the classroom, and Kickboard was born. The teacher-friendly software is now used by schools in 14 states.

Miesha Parker-Juluke is the School Community Manager with Kickboard. In this role she ensures a positive customer experience. She came to Kickboard after working with an education non-profit in New Orleans and prior to that had worked for several years as a Trainer with MetLife. She studied at Central Connecticut State University and is a Connecticut native where she was afforded a great public school education. Miesha lives in New Orleans and is married with one child.

Learn more at KickboardForTeachers.com.


Right now, schools lose $30-50 per student per day in state and federal funding when students skip class. TruantToday allows schools to instantly contact parents the minute that a student skips class, so that parents can work with the school to bring the student – and the funding – back to the classroom.

Zak Kukoff is a 16 year-old social entrepreneur, and is the founder and CEO of TruantToday. This summer, Zak participated in the TechStars/Startup America program, and was voted “most likely to succeed” at the Clinton Global Initiative. He was the youngest to participate in both by over 10 years. When Zak was 13, he started Autism Ambassadors, a non-profit that works to build friendships between typical students and students with Autism in over 25 schools throughout the globe. Zak is now publishing a book with Corwin publications about his experience with Autism Ambassadors. Zak’s work has been featured in TechCrunch, the New York Times, The Next Web, and other well known publications. In his spare time, Zak volunteers at the Westminster Free Clinic and organizes TEDxConejo.

Jonathan Yan, a 12th grader at Westlake High, is a teen entrepreneur who splits his time between being a high school student and the Chief Operations Officer of TruantToday. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Jonathan works on the planning committee for TEDxConejo as a speaker judge and organizer.

How the Innovation Challenge Worked

NBC brought the 3 teams to New York City to experience a series of meetings and Challenges to sharpen their skills and test their products before their big pitch competition on the Main Stage of the Education Nation Summit.

One of the Challenges for these innovators is to see which team can communicate most effectively with the public. After coaching from Weekend TODAY anchor Jenna Wolfe, the three teams were given one chance to record a script they’ve never seen. The winner of the Challenge is the team whose video gets the most Facebook “likes.”