New School Bus Attendance App Improves Student Safety

Improve Student Safety, before they arrive and after they leave school.

ScholarChip’s School Bus Attendance App is designed specifically for school bus transportation. The App tracks and monitors student ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way. Knowing if and when a student got on or off the bus accounts for a major portion of parent calls to schools and it’s information schools must have available. Especially in an emergency situation.

How it Works:

school bus attendance appTo record attendance on the bus students will tap their smart ID onto the back of the Android NFC smart phone mounted onto the bus’ dashboard. The phone’s screen will face the operator. With each tap the student’s bus entry or bus exit will be recorded. Each student tap will be sent directly to ScholarChip’s data center for both near-to-real time and historical reporting. It will contain the student’s name and SID, the bus’ location and the time of the tap.

The App will display a thumbnail photo and the name of each student assigned to the bus route. The App will frame the student photo in green after an entry tap and in red after an exit tap. For students without a card, the bus operator may tap on the student photo to register entry or exit. For bus routes with a large population, a student photo may be selected via a “look- up” feature. The App displays the alphabet across the bottom of the screen, allowing the operator to select the first letter of the cardless student’s family name. Letter selection will display a thumbnail photo and the full name of all of the student riders assigned to the route and sharing the same last initial.

Each thumb nail frame contains a student’s color photo, a time display of their last entrance tap and/or their last exit tap, and link to a map that displays the location of their last card tap (either an entry or a an exit tap). Each map display supports a zoom out, a zoom in and a centering function.

When a student taps onto a bus that travels a route to which they are not assigned, the system will accept the tap and display a “Not in Route” message. The actions taken after a “Not in Route” message is displayed are policy decisions made by the District.

What Admins Should Know

For transportation administrators, this service will provide a map interface showing bus location and the last location at which a student tapped their smart ID. These maps may be organized from a district view of all buses and students or down to a specific bus route.

The proposed bus attendance solution will provide:
• Smart-ID token issuance
• Near-to real time data collection of student ridership tracking/bus attendance reported at every bus stop.
• Near-to real time and historical reporting.
• E-document management at the transportation route or student level

The district may outfit each bus with an Android NFC smart phone with a cellular service data plan.

ScholarChip may provide the NFC Android phone and the cellular data plans, along with the vehicle battery to USB power adapter. As mobile hardware become available, ScholarChip will provide Android NFC tablets with cellular data plan options.

This proposed service is a component of a proven suite of automated attendance services in use by hundreds of schools and by hundreds of thousands of students, ScholarChip’s attendance services have be proven to improve student safety and save staff time.

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  1. Bob

    January 8, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Now the ScholarChip Bus Attendance App reports student attendance bus stop by bus stop! Also provides data about students getting on or off at the wrong bus stop. The data is all coordinated on a secure server (on the cloud) for management to access in real time.