New Report Shows Students Are Studying Less But Getting Better Grades

Is technology making students more efficient at studying? Are students just getting smarter in general? A new study has shed some light on the current trend of students doing far better in school … while working a lot less. Whether it’s grade inflation, teaching to the test, or something else, it’s a fascinating set of new data.

A recent report by two economists at the University of California found that over the past four decades the time college students spend in class and studying has decreased substantially, from 40 hours a week in 1961 to 27 hours a week in 2003. At the same time, a report released in July by the Delta Cost Project found colleges spending a declining share of their budgets on instruction while spending more on recreation and student services. -NYTimes

Check out the infographic below from our friends at Online Colleges to get the rundown of the report and to find out all the useful bits you need to know.