New Kickstarter May Be The Perfect Gift For Teachers

I love this new Kickstarter from Kara Bishop. Kara wrote me an email earlier this week alerting me to the fun and inspirational artwork she’s building. It’s perfect for teachers who want to add a touch of insight and artwork to their classroom or home. The Kickstarter project is available here and description is below the video. Could be a truly fun holiday gift for a teacher you know (or yourself!)

Video (Click To Play):

A series of posters merging famous inspirational quotes with Andy Warhol’s iconic soup can.

My name is Kara, and I would like your help in creating a series of five pop-art philosophy posters.

I am a collector of wise words, who is fascinated by pop art and completely obsessed with branding. This led to a set of posters combining short but powerful quotes with one of the most recognized pieces of modern art in the world by an artist who understood branding decades before it had a name.

My trifecta.

teacher warhol kickstarterEach 18×24 poster will be screen printed on quality, textured recycled paper and shipped to you in a protective tube.

And YES, they can and will be delivered in time for Christmas!

The Cans

Choose from…

1. Imagination is More Important than Knowledge. – Albert Einstein

2. Optimism is the Faith that Leads to Achievement.   – Helen Keller

3. Teaching is the Profession that Creates All Others.   – Anonymous

4. Forget Injuries, Never Forget Kindness.   – Confucious

5. A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.   – Napoleon Hill

Also, with your help, I’d like to create a “back-up” poster in case one of the above doesn’t do well or someone out there can come across a even better quote that I haven’t!

Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to see can-nonized?

Is it relatively short so that it will fit the layout of the can?

Please message me your suggestion and if it works….

I’ll create it and you’ll get a free poster!!