15 Ways To Use The New iPad In Classrooms

New iPad in educationInspired by the magnificent edu-tweeter @ShellTerrell, I wanted to share a few of the great ways she and her fellow tweeps plan on using the new iPad in the classroom. I love crowdsourcing this kind of information. I’ve taken the liberty of using some of the many tweets and enhancing them to give a better idea about the actual way to use the iPad in the classroom.

  • Host an outdoor scavenger hunt, take pictures of the items you need to find
  • Do a show-and-tell with multiple pictures of things that are a long distance away.Now you can show interactive media, pictures, and video of objects that you never would have been able to show in the classroom. You could do this with family members as well if you’re doing a few lessons about genealogy, family trees, etc.
  • Conduct interviews, produce entire podcasts, record roleplay scenarios, and use iMovie to edit and create an entire film.
  • Give the students questions and then have them find answers by using QR codes. Basically a treasure hunt / web quest.
  • Do a VocabBattle, a helpful way to make learning your vocabulary fun especially if you have multiple iPads at your disposal.
  • You can ‘write’ and entire e-book via dictation. Just use the voice recorder and transcription tools to see how good a ‘verbal writer’ you are.
  • Use Soundcloud to record students and then share their discussions with classmates.
  • Create commercials for projects, digital stories about particular lessons you’re teaching, and more using iMovie and other editing tools.
  • Become a news reporter and use an iPad to do everything from note-taking to photographs to multimedia production.
  • Record an animal of your choosing and produce a short presentation in iMovie, Keynote, or Pages to discuss what you learned about the animal.
  • Create short videos to define words from wordia.com and then upload them to Posterous for further sharing with the rest of the class.
  • Remember that iPhone apps still run on the iPad, just at a smaller size! So you can still utilize many of the non-iPad apps despite your awesome new Retina Display.
  • Create a free Posterous account & learners can simply email projects (audio, images, videos, text) to your Posterous which auto-posts.
  • Use Instagram as a fun way to offer a different perspective on the world around you. Great for science, technology, and photography classes.
  • Teach a few lessons about fonts. Use the Retina Display to zoom in and really examine the differences between multiple typefaces. Steve Jobs would be proud.

Do you have a few other fun ways to use the new iPad in the classroom? These ideas were thrown out in a wild rapid-fire manner during the unveiling of the new iPad so I’m sure there are even more fun things I missed. Be sure to leave an idea so others can see on the Edudemic Facebook page!