New Grant Brings Adaptive Gaming Technology To Disabled Students

We constantly talk about education technology and how it can benefit students. But what about students with disabilities? The growing world of adaptive technology comes into play. Literally. A new grant is making this even more clear as it lets students learn and play video games like never before.

The AbleGamers Foundation, famous for bringing greater accessibility of digital entertainment to many, just launched the AbleGamers 2012 Children’s Grant Program. It’s a one-time grant that lets children 15 years or younger have access to gaming equipment.

If you’re a caretaker or parent, you can apply for the grant.The deadline for applications is tomorrow – August 31st. Click here to check out the website or here for the Facebook page. You can also donate to AbleGamers.

Photo via AbleGamers Foundation

AbleGamers says the grants can fund hardware, controllers, and other assistive devices including software. They say the adaptive tech works on most major gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft XBOX 360, Sonly Playstation 3, and most PCs.