A Powerful Way To Use Music (And iPads) In The Classroom

A few years back (Wow! We can’t believe Edudemic has even been around that long!) we wrote about an awesome video that was recorded by a classroom of students and their iPads. The song was such a huge success that it went up for sale on iTunes! Considering that when I was a kid, music class included me banging randomly on a wooden block with a small mallet, I think it is fair to say that technology has brought music class a long, long way.

Store Van Music embarked on a tour of schools in the UK and help the students create outstanding music using iPads and their minds.

Their stated goal is to put a stop to the 80% dropout rate of students in the musical arts. As you can see from their website, they’re a passionate bunch with some terrific motivation.

They’ve made another video recently, and within an hour and a half of the release, it reached number 1 in iTunes children’s charts. As of this writing, it is the 19th most watched music video in the UK. Talk about cutting-edge, relevant music education!

Check out the video below, and use it as a little inspiration when you’re not feeling sure that technology is enhancing your classroom!

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  1. Will Lenssen

    June 26, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Tremendous demonstration of empowering and guiding the young! Gotta love it! We are presently promoting our online courses and Music is one of them. This is a great demonstration of what can be accomplished. Thank you and best wishes to Linchfield Public School!