May Be The Mind Mapping Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve been seeing a lot of Pinterest-inspired tools coming out in education technology over the past couple of months. They’re all meant to better organize your digital world. But what if a tool came along that actually wants to intentionally clutter it? is a new tool (still in beta, launched last week) that is a cross between Prezi and mind maps. It’s easy to use and share what you create (perfect for most students, teachers, and parents) but the real beauty of is in its lack of structure.

What draws me to use the site is the ability to fluidly lay out all your ideas, thoughts, images, and whatever else you want on one simple board. It’s designed to be home to your random ideas, inspiration, and other thoughts. Then you can lay out these items just like your brain does: all over the place. Ever feel like you can’t remember something? Or wonder why you can always remember one thing but not another? Once you lay out a few boards, you’ll see how your brain works. It’s pretty fascinating and you may need a psychologist by the time you’re done.

The tool was created in Buenos Aires by Mariano Suarez Battan originally as a platform for developing video games. But instead the tool has turned into something far more useful to the Edudemic audience: mind maps, presentations, sharing, and learning.

Battan wants you and everyone else to share their mind maps with the world, not just a small chunk of people who you already know or come to your classroom website. Therefore, (unless you indicated otherwise) all canvases can be viewed by the public. However, only designated people can make changes.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop items right onto the board. No uploading or clicking required.
  • Beautiful icons, comment bubbles, backgrounds
  • Simple controls, the ability to go fullscreen, and share your boards
  • Extremely simple all the way around. Worth trying out.
  • Free!