Using Mother’s Day As A Chance To Connect With Students’ Parents

momToday is Mother’s Day in the US. While I’m 100% sure that my own mother doesn’t read this site, and I thus won’t get any grief from her for not saying a word about it here, I figured it was worth mentioning anyway. I mean, we all have a mother, in one form or another.

Or a father/grandparent/other family member/caretaker who serves in the role of “mom”. Whoever that person may be, whether they gave birth to you or not, probably deserves a shout out. They dealt with whatever garbage you threw at them as a kid (and probably as an adult, too).

The Mother’s Day we know as modern humans began around 1908, but according to the ever knowing internet lore, the founder of Mother’s day was already disappointed in how commercialized it had become by 1920.

I googled around a bit in an attempt to find a cool infographic to share with you guys about mothers and technology, or something of the sort. You’ll have to trust me that there isn’t much out there in that regard. (We did share one last year about Moms on Facebook. And yes, even my mom is on Facebook now).

Instead, I’ll leave you with a few resources on connecting with your students’ parents.

And don’t forget to call your mom today!

Connecting With Your Students’ Parents