Can You Name The Most Educated Countries?

Developing challenging and useful curricula to develop our students into strong and efficient learners is one of the main goals of teachers (right?). If our students are succeeding in the goals we set for them, what other benchmarks can we use to determine if they’re doing well – or well enough? We look at statistics from around the globe. As we all know, there is much to learn from the experiences of others, and teachers and administrations are no exception to this.

Though often times comparing education systems from different areas of the world is difficult, there are still a number of interesting statistics to look at. The handy infographic below offers a number of different statistics relating to global education, and a few good ones that focus on the US only. Keep reading to learn more!

Education Around The Globe

What Are The World’s Most Educated Countries?

(based on % of population with tertiary education)

  • Canada -50%
  • Israel -46%
  • Japan – 45%
  • US – 42%
  • New Zealand – 41%
  • South Korea – 40%
  • UK, Finland, Australia – 38%
  • Ireland – 37%

Did You  Know?

  • There are 1.4 billion students globally
  • 1.23 billion of these are K-12, and 170 million are pursuing higher education
  • There are 62.5 million educators globally
  • 56 million of these are K-12 teachers, and 9.2 million are higher education faculty
  • More students in the US leave college without a degree than in any other country
  • Nearly 2/3 of illiterate people are women
  • South America and Europe have the highest youth literacy rates (90-100%)


leading countries infographic