Modern Guild Brings The Role Of Career Counselors Online

modern guild logoHere’s a useful tool for high school seniors and college students trying to figure out what to do with their lives. The folks over at Modern Guild have developed a novel approach to career counseling. It’s not a new social network. It’s not something super sexy like Instagram. It’s simply an online platform that gets you started on the best possible career path by offering 1-to-1 career advice from professional career counselors and industry experts.

Modern Guild described to me the current state of career counseling as quite lopsided. The nationwide ratio of counselors to students is around 10,000:1. In other words, no matter how brilliant or motivated a counselor is, many students will be left to fend for themselves.

That’s where Modern Guild comes in. It’s an online counseling platform designed to help students better understand their career options. It’s a tier-based solution for the connected generation. After researching the startup over the past week, I tend to agree that a solution like this is sorely needed.

The company was formed about 9 months ago (they’re wrapping up their first pilot program this month) by Adrien Fraise and is based in New York City.

How It Works

Become A Protégé

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If you’re looking for some help in deciding what to do with your life, Modern Guild supplies your very own career counselors. First, you must apply and be accepted into the program. This is a feature I really like as it shows the startup isn’t looking to just get rich quick or amass a billion users at the expense of the product or user experience.

If you’re accepted, you can enroll in any number of tiered courses. They range from beginner to expert and cost about $1,500 each. However, they do offer a full-ride no-fee scholarship to 1 out of 3 users based on need. That’s a solid percentage to be sure. Click here to apply to Modern Guild.

Become A Mentor

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Looking to help someone else out? Think you’ve got the career experience that you want to put to use? If you’re a career counselor or expert in your field, then you should give it a try! Click here to become a mentor.

What Modern Guild Looks For

Adrien Fraise sent us some guidance that we wanted to pass along to anyone interested in the program. For example, how do you know if you’re a good fit? What does Modern Guild look for in potential mentors and students?

For mentors:
The table stakes for all of our mentors include a solid educational background and work experience at reputable companies. But where our mentors separate themselves from the pack to get through our highly selective process is that they have a passion for community service and coaching that has been demonstrated in both their professional and personal lives. We also want to find mentors who have gone through the same kind of career indecision angst that our students are experiencing.
For students:
We also aim to be incredibly selective in the students we accept into modern guild. Successful applicants should not only be among the brightest students, but also highly engaged in their communities and motivated to leverage modern guild to its fullest potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the FAQs I found on the site that seem (to me at least) the most useful things to know. Click here for the full FAQ list.

Q:  Who are the customers?

A:  College and high schools students.  As modern guild has three different 8-10 week courses available that align to the three major steps in a student’s typical career journey, there is a course for everyone.  Students can join the modern guild community by applying to the course that is best for them

Q:  How is the program appropriate for high school students?

A:  Our first career prep course, Exploration, has been designed for students at the beginning of their career search regardless of their academic year.  Exploration is a self-discovery phase where students learn about their interests and skills to align them to potential careers.  The 8-week course helps high school seniors better prepare for college by better understanding themselves and their career compatibility so that they maximize their college learning experience and avoid typical pitfalls (e.g., waste freshman year, switch their majors multiple times)

Q:  How much does the program cost?

A:  Each of our three different level career prep courses costs $1,499; however, we do offer financial aid and full-ride scholarships to more than 30% of our applicants to ensure all motivated students, irrespective of financial background, are able to join our community

Q:  Who are the career coaches and mentors?

A:  The coaches and mentors are real world practitioners taking time out of their busy schedules to work with students interested in their industries or certified career counselors who have been working with students for years.  Both have been thoroughly screened and trained in the modern guild teaching method.

Q:  What do students get with each course?

A:  Each course is taught online and in each of the courses students get the following:

  1. Personal career coach they meet with 4-5 times, every two weeks, for one hour face-to-face virtual meetings
  2. Customized curriculum of written and video assignments
  3. Access to industry professionals, including 3, one-on-one 30-minute Q&As sessions in the student’s careers of interest
  4. Personal myguild page (e.g., command center) where all assignments, calendar/scheduling tool, video conferencing platform and much, much more are stored
  5. Access to modern guild’s Knowledge Center for supplemental career information