The Importance Of Mobile Learning In (And Out Of) The Classroom

There has always been at least some sort of disconnect between how things are taught in a classroom and how things work in the ‘real world’. In some cases, the disconnect is very distinct (how many people took four years of high school language classes only to be able to barely introduce yourself in the language?). Many newer pedagogical models aim to be more practical (like Project Based Learning or Challenge Based Learning). So it was interesting to take a look at some of the mobile trends (and specifically, the mobile workforce trends) highlighted in this handy infographic  to see where education might best make use of mobile learning, since this is what our students will be working with when they enter the workforce.

How Mobile Learning Trends Translate To The Classroom

Smartphones and Tablet sales will soon take over laptop and desktop computer sales: Don’t stick just to books – why not let students use the technology they’ll need in the future?

The 21st Century workforce will be filled with people who have grown up with devices, and are used to having easy access to search engines, sharing and collaboration are the norm, and creative freedom is king. Shouldn’t our classrooms represent a version of this too?

BYOD is not just for classrooms: 62% of workers use their own smartphones for work – and this number is slated to rise. A BYOD classroom mimics the rising number of BYOD workplaces.

Informal learning is happening for learners of all ages: with tools like MOOCs, e-learning tools, blogs and wikis, and social media, supporting students’ informal learning (as well as formal learning) can be a key to helping them become lifelong learners.

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  1. Chris Mattison

    April 15, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Right now is a great time for teachers and students alike to benefit from the ways technology is changing learning. I was surprised as to how many of my classroom students wanted to also take my online lessons.

  2. Hal DuBois

    April 16, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Under “Toward Mobile First,” what is meant by “whooping growth?”