MIT Researcher Unveils Incredible New Mars Space Suit

Biosuit on the left. Photo via Space Industry News

Space Industry News

Want to go to Mars? Sure, you may not come back but at least you’ll get to wear some pretty amazing stuff! Researchers at MIT have unveiled some of their latest work and it’s being dubbed a ‘biosuit.’

And I want one.

It’s basically a high-tech fabric that you can easily patch using a sort of bandage in case of a scratch or puncture. The kind that would normally spell imminent danger for current astronauts.

Dava’s suit would be a huge leap forward in terms of construction as well. They’ve enlisted the expertise of Dainese, an Italian manufacturer of motorcycle racing “leathers”—leather and carbon-fiber suits designed to protect racers traveling at up to 200 mph.

Dava J. Newman is a Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems, Director of Technology and Policy Program and MacVicar Faculty Fellow at MIT. She’s also played A-team basketball, skied in the Junior Olympics and is a nationally competing triathlete.

“When first introduced, the elastic Space Suit was met with widespread disbelief. Its origin was a specific change in the well-known and much used military Partial Pressure Suit. I changed the material used from non-stretch cloth (tightened when necessary with gas-pressurized capastans) to elastic cloth that applied the needed physical pressure quite uniformly. This eliminated the Partial Pressure suit’s main disadvantage, which was fainting after worn pressurized for 10 to 20 minutes from loss of circulating blood volume. The elastic suit eliminated this problem completely. The elastic suit also was more comfortable and non-injurious to skin. It could be worn for mission completion as opposed to an emergency get-me-down garment. Its future use could be seen as an EVA suit for space flight.”

Dava sharing more information on the new spacesuit:

Here’s Dava at a fabulous talk at Pop Tech 2011: