MIT-Developed Testive Raises $500k, Can Predict Your SAT Score

Testive LogoAs a Boston guy, I love learning about local teams coming up with audacious and ambitious ideas to help the education world. Testive is one of those companies that just feels like it’s going to cause some big disruptions in the coming years. Angel investors seem to agree as Testive just raised $500,000 in a seed round.

Why is Testive worth that kind of investment? Because it’s already proven to work and has a real purpose to boosting academic achievement. Testive’s TurboTest™ platform was developed at MIT and can accurately predict students’ scores on the SAT® and other tests 3x faster than traditional practice tests.

Testive’s fundraising round was led by several prominent Boston Angels including Jean Hammond (an active angel and early investor in ZipCar and Pixibiity), Eileen Rudden (Former Chief Officer of Chicago Public School’s College and Career Prep Office), Dharmesh Shah (co-founder of Hubspot), and Bill Warner (founder of Avid and active Boston Angel). Don McLagan, an investor and the former CEO of, has joined Testive’s Board as an observer.

Testive’s SAT preparation product, SAT Habit ( uses TurboTest™ technology to give students get a baseline score in less than an hour and show them how their score increases with every practice session they do.

“I raised my score significantly after I began using SAT Habit, “ said Vignesh Mohankumar, a Junior at Chelmsford High School in Massachusetts. “I loved using SAT Habit because it’s personalized for me. I can move at my own pace, only get problems that help me improve, and I don’t have to waste my time on areas I’m already good at.”

“Tests are the great levelers. They are the best tools we have to objectively measure achievement and that’s why they govern access to so many opportunities,” said Miro Kazakoff, Testive co-Founder and CEO. “Somewhere between cheap, boring prep books and expensive classes is an opportunity to deliver online test prep that doesn’t suck. Testive is building the tools that help students learn more efficiently and more enjoyably.”

To date, Testive has been bootstrapped through technology licensing.

About Testive, Inc.

Testive ( develops the world’s most adaptive test preparation products. Over 10K students have used its test preparation and score prediction tools to help them on their preparation journey. Testive’s core TurboTest™ platform was developed at MIT by Tom Rose and delivers highly customized testing and test-prep experiences such as SAT Habit ( Testive is based in Cambridge, MA and is an alumnus of the TechStars Boston accelerator program.
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