How To Get Better At Memorizing

Whether it’s for a test or at a dinner party, it helps to be able to memorize. While this is not meant to be a discussion on standardized testing, it’s obvious that the ability to memorize could come in handy. That being said, there’s a lot more reasons you should be good at memorizing besides test-taking.

Thanks to the Art of Manliness, we now know how one of the worldwide experts in memorization is able to recall just about anything at anytime. Below is an excerpt from the full ‘how to’ article and I encourage you to check the full tutorial out and then amaze your friends and classmates!

How To Memorize

What if you could play a game of cards with your buddies and recall every card that had been played? You can.

What if you could meet a client today and six months later see him at a football game and recall his name along with his wife’s and kids’ names? You can.

What if you could look at a 50 digit number for 90 seconds and then repeat the number forwards and backwards from memory? You can.

So how do you master your memory to this level? By utilizing a simple system of mental maps, you will be amazed at the amount of knowledge you will be able to store.

How To Begin:

  1. Select 5 rooms in your home or office.
  2. In each room, number 5 large items. Number these items 1-25. The first item in the first room is #1, the first item in the second room is #6, the first item in the third room is #11, and so on. For example: Bedroom–1. desk, 2. bed, 3. tv, 4. dresser, 5. computer…Bathroom-6. toilet  7. window, 8. shower, 9. sink, 10. towel rack…etc. Remember, this is just an example.You want to select the pieces of furniture in the way they flow around your particular room.
  3. Practice saying these pieces of furniture and their corresponding numbers over and over until it becomes second nature to say them forwards or backwards. We will refer to these pieces of furniture as “files.”
  4. Now whenever you wish you to recall something, turn it into a picture and imagine it interacting with this piece of furniture.

Read the rest of the tutorial here.