March Is National Nutrition Month: 3 Apps To Get You Started

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? Well, it is. That means you should devote at least some time to discussing proper nutrition, eating, quality of food, and perhaps come up with a few lessons on the importance of proper nutrition.

Since Edudemic is all about interactive learning, we wanted to point out a few useful apps that might be worthwhile for any connected classroom looking to discuss National Nutrition Month. Some are paid apps, some are free, all are useful.

Count Your Peas (iPad)

count your peas

Price: $0.99 – Here’s a kids version of the popular calorie-counting apps in abundance in the app store. Count Your Peas lets students use an abacus of peas to keep track of what they ate, monitor their intake of important food groups, and more. You can even search nutrition information from over 1,000 items in the USDA database. Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7, 8-10, parents.

Fooducate (All iOS)


Price: FREE – Usually used for weight loss, Fooducate is a bit more robust than just counting calories. I’d recommend using it to have the whole classroom guess how healthy their breakfast, lunch, or dinner was the day before … then punch in the actual meal into Fooducate and see how close they came. Then, you could discuss what each thing is (sugar, protein, carbs, etc.) and see if they can come a bit closer to their first guess on a later try. Great fun and makes it fun to learn and adds a personal layer of input.

Food & Nutrition (All iOS)


Price: FREE as of this writing – Here’s a great app to add onto any lesson about proper nutrition. It’s called, appropriately enough, Food & Nutrition and lets you learn about any type of food or product on the go. For example, in the image above it’s detailing what antioxidants are. This is a handy app to have if you’re in the grocery store or at a restaurant … but even better in the classroom. Students can put together their own ideas of ‘proper nutrition’ and try to guess which things listed in Food & Nutrition are the most important (hint: they all are!)