Join #Learntalk: The Newest Twitter Hashtag Chat To Know About

learntalk hashtag chatWe’re trying something new.

We’ve been so excited about using Learnist in our professional and personal lives to share learning, that we’re coming together and creating the first #Learntalk Twitter chat to be held every other Monday night at 8PM, starting tonight. Tonight’s topic will be using social media in the classroom.

Future #Learntalk topics will address a variety of topics from food, fashion, technology, healthy lifestyles and school choice. #Learntalk will feature a rotating schedule of moderators—experts in their fields who want to promote their love of learning.

Click here to view the #Learntalk hashtag chat

As a teacher, I am always interested in learning new things. I use Learnist constantly, but I’m also excited about Twitter. I use Twitter every day to connect both in and out of the classroom. I have used it to build a successful Professional Learning Network of teachers, tech innovators, parents, student activists and educational leaders. I always get new ideas and perspectives on teaching and learning from Twitter, and I curate them in my Learnist boards, which I use regularly in class and for my own personal learning.

What would happen if we merged Learnist with Twitter? We would have a high-powered Twitter chat about learning uniting learners across many fields! That would be inspirational indeed.

We’ll start it off tonight at 8PM using the hashtag #Learntalk. #Learntalk will be held directly after Social Studies Chat (#sschat) and English chat (#engchat), two cornerstone chats of the education world. Social Studies and English Chat gurus, stick around and join us!

We also hope to see educational leaders, parents, tech innovators and students, too.

Remember, learning is continual, collaborative, and collegial—it needs to be fun. If there’s a topic of interest you want to suggest, organize, or help moderate, please reach out to me directly on Twitter at @runningdmc or tweet to @LearnistTweets. Don’t forget to come learn with us during #Learntalk tonight.