The Pinterest For Education: 3 Big Updates To Learnist You Should Know About

I’ve been using Learnist as a beta tester for the last few months and have grown to love it. What is Learnist, you ask? It’s basically a new way to share and learn using some of the most popular methods found on social networks today. There’s a Pinterest-style stream, lotsa Facebook-style features, and the ability to follow like on Twitter.

After you check out the site, you’ll see that it’s a whole like Pinterest. While it remains to be seen if Learnist can compete with the Education category on Pinterest, it’s great to see this type of competition.

What It Looks Like

Below is a screenshot of the overall Learnist homepage after you log in. It’s quite Pinterest-y.

Below is a screenshot of my profile on Learnist. Remind you of Facebook a bit?

What’s New On Learnist

A few months ago, the overall design was a bit overwhelming. It was hard to figure out how to find particular categories, how to connect with users, and basically use the site as it was intended.

Luckily, Farbood Nivi, the founder of Grockit (who created Learnist) just reached out to share some important updates that I thought the Edudemic community would want to know about. Here they are, in his words.

1. Major design changes – We’ve learned a lot since the first users came on board a few months ago. We’ve improved the readability and digestibility of the content on the Learn Boards (1 Column now) as well as on the Learning Pages (embedding the webpage or content you curated).

2. No more page scraping – We want users to have a more consistent experience and we want Learnist to help you get the most out of the learning content on the site. For now, we will be embedding the valuable web pages that you curate along with the special learnings that still embed right on the board. You no longer have to select a portion of the page when using the bookmarklet. While the bookmarklet was cool in some instances (and we’re sorry if you miss it) overall the experience is more consistent as the scrapings were too often not displayed with the look and feel that your content deserves.

3. Improved Mobile Experience – Because you asked for it, we’ve improved the mobile web version of Learnist and more improvements will be coming over the next few days.

Get A Beta Invite

If you’re interested in trying out Learnist, sign up for a beta invite and have a look around the site. Like Pinterest, you can pretty much see the whole site without signing up. You won’t be able to like, follow, or share stuff but you can see what it’s all about and if it’s something you’d like to try.