The 10 Most Useful Learnist Boards of the Week

learnist boardsLast week we looked at some extremely useful science boards on Learnist.  This week, we’ll do the same for math. As the United States ramps up its drive towards increasing proficiency in math and numeracy across curricula, these Learnist boards on mathematical topics and Math Common Core State Standards should prove invaluable.

Common Core Math Standards Grades 6-12  This parent board—a board containing other boards, is the go-to board for all Math Common Cores.  Crystal Morgan assembled and organized all the boards relating to the Math Common Cores in this one easily accessible board.  It’s well worth a bookmark.

Common Core Math K-5  Cindy Brooker’s site shows many math sites and applications meant to reinforce the elementary Common Cores in Math. Be on the lookout for many more elementary boards on Learnist.

Just Testing—Adding Math to a Learnist Board  I included this “testing” board because it is often difficult to integrate advanced mathematical expressions into visuals. Former high school math teacher, now Director of Training for Design Science Bob Matthews created this test board to show that Learnist has the ability to display advanced mathematical equations in a variety of formats.

Density Word Problems and Applications This board aligns with the math Common Cores, but is also crosses over into science as well. Beth Barancik has taught math at all levels.  Her goal as a professional educator and mathematician is apply mathematics to other fields such as arts and science.  All math educators should follow Beth’s boards.

Inverse Matrices and Solving a System of Linear Equations  Data that can be represented in columns and rows are called matrices.  They have many applications in practical data analysis and problem solving.  Mathematician and educator Beth Barancik brings matrices to life with several quality sites dedicated to accessing and applying the matrix.

Describing Objects Geometrically Geometry is one of the main mathematical subdisciplines that society tends to take for granted.  Found in applied math, trades, art, and science, geometry literally rules every aspect of our life from style to form and function. This board, again by mathematician and educator Beth Barancik, connects geometry to everything from word problems and formulas to architecture.

Dividing Fractions  Ann Vaseliades uses the multimedia approach to dividing fractions, embedding videos from the Khan Academy as well as learnboards using modeling approaches to learnings designed to understand and manipulate fractions.

Math Sites Rosanna Luzarraga’s curation of math sites goes so far as to include the “The Physics of Superheroes,” flipped classrooms, and “Where to find the Best and Cheapest Math Resources.”  This would be a great board for people to use to collaborate and share resources—Learnist lets you suggest learnings and share your materials.

How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube Physicist and data scientist Jon Allen and Grockit’s Director of Engineering Jan Nelson team up to provide this fun board. The Rubik’s cube may seem like a throwback to the 80’s, but it’s an advanced puzzle that encourages analytical thinking.

SAT Math As Learnist was the brainchild of Grockit, the test prep company dedicated to the concept of pioneering social learning, you can predict that Learnist would be full of test prep resources for any situation.  Crystal Morgan’s SAT Math board is just one example.  You can also follow Vivian Kerr’s boards for ACT, SAT, and GMAT prep as well. There are too many excellent resources on this subject to mention—several Top Ten lists could be dedicated to test prep, but you get the point. In an era where the results of standardized tests are having more impact, it’s important for students to prepare properly and feel comfortable with the format.  These boards will help.