How To Define Learning Objectives

In education, there are goals – often of the large scale and nebulous variety: “Learn English.” “Understand fractions”. “Learn to write (well)”. Achieving this type of goal is often difficult. There are many steps along the way, and the ‘finish’ is not necessarily a single, specific box you can check. 

The handy graphic below by Mia MacMeekin takes a look at “Making Stops On The Journey”, and how defining learning outcomes gives students a destination to reach for, and an expectation to achieve. Learning objectives are the stops on that journey. Keep reading to learn more about how you can design the learning objectives and help your students reach their goals.

Learning Objectives: Making Stops On The Journey

  • Reveal the ‘destination’ (aka the learning outcome)
  • Prepare several objectives for the students to learn based on different learning styles
  • Prepare for a landing on the first objective
  • Create real life objectives
  • Create objectives that teach the leaders of tomorrow
  • Motivate your students during each learning objective