POLL: Which Laptop Features Matter Most To You?

I have been a hardcore desktop user for some time (since at least 2000 with my old school Dell tower) and yesterday finally took the plunge and am now almost completely laptop-based. It’s a big change to be sure but it’s actually been quite eye-opening.

I moved from a desktop PC to a Macbook Pro attached to a large (old) monitor. It’s basically like an iMac except a little less silver-y and design-y. Currently I love the ability to just unplug the Macbook, throw it in my bag, and know that I have the ability to do some mobile computing anywhere I need. All my files and software are with me. Until the iCloud and other cloud-based services let me access everything as easily and quickly as they do with my current Macbook setup, I’m pretty happy.

This has led me to start critically thinking about some important questions to consider in terms of laptop usage in education.

For example, are the fancier Macbook laptops really necessary or would low-cost but somewhat powerful PC laptops be just as useful since the majority of time is spent browsing the web? Do people even use their CD/DVD slots anymore? Which software works best on laptops versus desktops?

How To Share

I want to hear your thoughts on what parts of a laptop are most important to you. Just post what feature of a laptop matters most to you down in the comments. You can also share your thoughts on the Edudemic Facebook Page or on Twitter.

Why Share?

First, you can help others out there deciding on what features matter to them. Second, you can help me (selfish, I know) as I decide what features are most important for a group of students that desperately need new laptops. I need your help! Thanks in advance, as always!


  1. Jeff Dunn

    June 17, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Personally, the software that it can run is crucial but becoming increasingly less important as cross-platform software is becoming the standard. Just IMO!

  2. vsbpeer

    June 17, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    I agree, i think to expand on Jeff's opinion is that the air syncing of application and files to all platforms is important as I am finding that everywhere i go is a different computer setup but if i am drawing applications (apps and files) from the cloud I am not working on the diversity of the configurations.

  3. mathtech

    June 18, 2011 at 5:39 am

    As a pen-based tablet user for the past four years, the most important feature is the stylus (pen). I teach math/science, so the pen gives the ability to write math formulation without keyboard restriction. Typing math is tedious and not a method that students will use for processing an answer.

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