A Visual Guide To The Languages Of The World

In today’s ever globalizing world, it is often said that Americans will be at a huge disadvantage compared with citizens of other countries because Americans are by and large monolingual. Its not news that students in other countries study more foreign languages than American kids do, though that definitely doesn’t mean that students here in the US aren’t learning any other languages at all – they are.

While there are a number of discussions happening around this topic – including those on funding for language classes, it is interesting to see what Americans attitudes about languages are. For their 50th anniversary, Pimsleur Language programs conducted a survey in which they asked Americans about their perceptions and realities with language. The handy infographic below details some of their findings. Keep reading to find out more about the results.

Languages Of The World

  • Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world – there are nearly double the number of Mandarin speakers than English and Spanish combined.
  • 70% of Americans believe that English is the most spoken language.
  • 14% of Americans believe that Spanish is the most spoken language.
  • 45% of Americans think that French is the sexiest language in the world.
  • 73% of Americans can’t carry on a conversation in another language.
  • 32% of these think learning a language is too difficult.
  • 29% say they just don’t have time.
  • Of the 27% who can carry on a conversation in another language, 49% of them use Spanish.