Language Learning In The United States: An Interactive Map

Take a look at your ‘average’ high school student in the United States, and you can wager a pretty good guess that the one foreign language that they’re learning as part of the standard curriculum is Spanish. After all, Spanish is useful, right? The U.S. is home to the fifth largest Spanish-speaking population, and it is spoken by around 12% of the population.

But it must be true that other languages are being learned, too, right? So what are those languages? Are students from certain areas more likely to learn one language than another? Click on the handy visualization below to see the interactive map, which can be arranged either by state or by language.

A Few Takeaways

  • Spanish is the number one language learned in every US state – no surprise there!
  • French is the second most popular language in most states; A few states show German and Italian as their second most popular language learned.
  • Hawaii ranks #1 for the popularity of Japanese and Mandarin as languages to learn.

Click on the map below (it’s just a static image) to view the full-screen interactive map!

pimsleur map