KSU Professor Developing ‘Flexbooks,’ The Textbook Of The Future

There’s a new term you should add to your vocabulary. It’s ‘flexbooks’ and a Kansas State University assistant professor is hoping they change the way you teach.

Click here to view an actual flexbook used at Kansas State University.

E-textbooks are nothing new, neither are digital publications that you can actually update. Places like Academic Pub, Kno, and CourseSmart (amongst many others) all offer options but the term flexbooks is completely new. I kinda like it.

Assistant Professor Brian Lindshield says the flexbooks are designed to be read online and easy to update. They’re highly visual, have links to multimedia, animations, and are regularly updated with current events. It’s like Wikipedia only without all the questionable information!

Best of all, Professor Lindshield’s flexbook is free to students and is currently being used at a human nutrition course at Merrimack College in Massachusetts.

What was the impetus for flexbooks? Lindshield says he polled his students after attempting to use an electronic textbook for a class. The students said they would have loved the ability to easily print, share, and use the content in a more flexbile manner. I could see pretty much every classroom on the planet having similar requests. So don’t be surprised if you see flexbooks and e-textbooks continue their slow climb to prominence in classrooms.

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  1. morellok

    September 5, 2012 at 6:28 am

    Been this for years using Moodle Book module