Job Interview Tips for Online Degree Holders

online job interviewEarning a degree online is not an easy task. It requires a person to be highly-organized and responsible, motivated to study remotely and much more disciplined than a student in the traditional learning setting can be.

Many accredited colleges that offer online learning introduce a curriculum, which is not less, or even more rigorous than the regular classrooms have.

On Equal Footing?

So, it would be only fair to assume that students who completed their degree online and managed to stay self-motivated and dedicated throughout college, can be entitled to the same privileges that other graduates have.

The idea, that online degree holders are able to find a job or seek promotion in any field including education, health care, science, technology and business, does not always work the way it should.

As practice shows, job applicants, who completed their higher education online, can come up against a situation where they have to explain to the potential employer why they chose such kind of education over the tried-and-true form of traditional instructions.

And while online education is enjoying growing popularity, there are still many false beliefs about online degree programs that have to be dispelled. If you are an online college graduate, who is about to have an important interview for a dream job, you might find the following tips very useful.

How To Interview

So, how to best explain a Harvard graduate, who used to be a proud member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, why you think you are good enough to get the job?

A very important thing to do during the interview is to emphasize the academic benefits that your Alma Mater has. Do not forget to mention that it is a regionally accredited institution. Such information will help your potential employer see that your school offers high-quality academic program, which complies with the standards set by reputable accrediting agencies.

Focus on what unique experience you achieved as a distant learner and why you believe it is better than the on-campus academic experience. Which essential skills and habits did you develop through online learning? How can these skills and knowledge help you in the job you are applying for?

Since the majority of potential employers might be rather skeptical about your academic achievement as an online student, be prepared to prove the legitimacy of your education by providing an employer with a compendium of your works such as project presentations and term papers.

Show the prospective employer how much you benefited from combining the online degree program with a partial or full-time employment, which allowed you to get a valuable hands-on experience of the theoretical material discussed in class. However, always be prepared to provide proofs. Your interviewer might want to take a look at your references.

There are definitely going to be difficulties to overcome on your way to a dreamed employment. However, if you manage to stay positive and open-minded, you will show the exact amount of confidence an employer needs to see in order to hire you!