I’m Still Captivated By Jason McElwain

This is an ongoing series of articles on things that are truly captivating and inspiring. The most recent article was about Steve Jobs narrating the first ‘Think Different’ ad that got me inspired to actually develop the new design for Edudemic you’re looking at right now.

My wife recently sent me a story about Jason McElwain, the highly functional autistic basketball manager for Greece Athena High School in New York. The video below from CBS News still strikes a chord with me even though it’s nearly 5 years old. McElwain inspired the nation with a dazzling display of shooting accuracy despite having never been given a chance to play for his team.

On February 15, 2006, Greece Athena was playing Spencerport High School for a division title. Greece Athena got a large lead, so Johnson decided to let McElwain play in the last four minutes. After initially missing two shots, McElwain made six three-point shots and one two-pointer. After the final buzzer rang, the crowd dashed onto the court in celebration.

McElwain earned national attention and got to meet President Bush and many celebrities. More importantly though, he was able to show the world that you should never underestimate someone. I hope you enjoy this film by CBS News and use it for inspiration in whatever you want to accomplish. Best of luck.