How to Differentiate Learning With iTunes U

How to Solve the Classroom Management Problem Of:

“I am not a triplet and I cannot be in three places at once!” Using iTunes U

One of the many hats I wear in my school district is being the person who runs quite a bit of the professional development related to the iPad. This year I was teaching the advanced iPad class, even within that class there was a tremendous range of abilities ranging from your early adopters to your skeptics. However, thanks to iTunes U, I was able to differentiate activities.


QR Code/QR Visual/AR Differentiated Challenge

So based on the fact that everyone was at a different place in their learning I created a series of step-by-step video tutorials in my iTunes University Course that would be helpful to them as they worked cooperatively. When it was time for them to create content for their own classes I gave them a choice about what activity they could select.

  • Group One made QR Codes
  • Group Two made QR Visuals for their classes- for those of you who are not aware of what that is, QR visual is a QR Code but instead of it just being pretty colors, the QR visual allows the creator to combine a visual image with the code that leads to a more enriched content area experience
  • Group Three signed up for accounts in LAYAR and made trigger images with Augmented Reality that took the viewer to various websites, videos etc.

How iTunes U Made This Possible

Since you can load so many different features into the iTunes platform I was able to place video tutorials for each of the three groups in different posts in iTunes U. This helps because I am not a triplet and I cannot be in three places at once. So while I was working with Augmented Reality group the other two groups were actively engaged in their own learning. One person in the group found the QR Code or QR Visual video in my iTunes U course and they watched it together as a group and were able to create content for their classes.

Let the Teachers Be Proud of Their Work- Gallery Walk Idea

I was amazed at the content that the teachers generated during this activity. So I wanted to create a curated museum exhibit to give everyone a sense of pride and ownership in their work. So as each teacher finished their QR Code, QR Visual, or AR Trigger I had them print their work and posted it in the hall to be scanned. We had AR trigger images of food leading to recipe videos, coaches who made QR visuals with the school mascot image leading to their teams website, and QR codes leading to art work for an upcoming unit on culture in a Spanish II class.. I put the gallery idea in this post because it is something that is scalable and replicable. Perhaps you could use it in your learning environment.