It’s Time To Get Report Cards For Your Education Technology

The following is a guest post from our good friend Kirby Salerno, founder of ClassroomWindow:

How’s this for the biggest no-brainer of 2012: If you want to know what’s working – or not – in classrooms, ASK TEACHERS!

I’m excited to introduce TeacherView Report Cards, featuring authentic reviews by teachers of the tools, texts, and technology they use in the classroom every day.  Our first survey focuses on math textbooks, a subject that causes controversy in almost every community in the US.

We just launched it yesterday but we’ve already collected some outstanding feedback.

  • A Board Certified teacher from Missouri says about Everyday Math: “Good only for average kids–poor for kids with language issues and nowhere near enough for above average kids.”
  • A K-2 teacher from Illinois says about SRA Real Math: “Every unit has needed additional materials. There is not enough review and practice provided – not nearly enough hands-on manipulative work.”
  • A 3rd grade teacher from a rural school in Kansas says about Houghton Mifflin Math: “One strength is that there are good reproducables to go with the lessons. It is often easier to teach the skill and than use the reproducable instead of the book. I teach 3rd grade and the company suddenly switches to a hard back book which does not work well and is very plain. The students don’t want to learn from that. A huge weakness is the lack of problem solving. There are so called problem solving lessons but they do not really teach how to solve problems.”

Take the K-8 Math Survey

Take the 9-12 Math Survey

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Can you imagine this kind of feedback from thousands – or tens of thousands – of teachers across hundreds of different classroom products?!  We can profoundly change the dynamics in the K-12 industry by aggregating this incredibly valuable feedback from teachers.

Please help us by forwarding this email to your colleagues and letting them know about our first TeacherView Survey on Math Textbooks.  By the way, the first 1,000 responses get a copy of the final Report Card and a $10 Amazon gift card as a thank you.