5 Useful iPhone Apps For Student Bloggers

iphone appsBlogging is one of the most effective ways of learning, reading and writing. Not only is blogging a great avenue for self-expression, it also uses many regions in the brain and thus also helps in studying which makes it a perfect hobby for students.When blogging, students get to use both the right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for creative and emotional functions, and the left hemisphere, which is responsible for analytical and logical thinking as well as the researching functions.

Through writing blog posts and learning HTML to designing blog themes, setting up and maintaining a blog could be enough for any student to become a self-taught prolific writer in the near future.

However, blogging requires a lot of time and effort especially in terms of maintenance. The easiest way to keep blogging is to use their handy mobile devices such as the iPhone (or any other mobile phone for that matter) for blog site maintenance and blog posting. Here are a few iPhone apps for student bloggers that would suit the needs of student bloggers, no matter what kind of blogging platform they use.

pinterest app logo1. For Finding Blog Ideas and Inspiration: Pinterest

At one point, pinning pictures on Pinterest also becomes a blogging experience in its own right. By using pictures as posts, artistic students can use Pinterest both as a social media platform (for meeting new and equally creative people) and a source of new blogging ideas. The Pinterest app is an easy favorite for many bloggers simply because it gives them a lot of fresh ideas and inspiration for their next blog post. In this app they can easily find photos (that are linked to certain articles or sites) that are categorized based on niche. At the same time, Pinterest can also serve as a blog aggregator and a tool for blog marketing.

evernote app2. For Organizing Ideas: Evernote

One of the hardest parts of being a blogger is managing different things at the same time. From organizing blog posting schedules to answering emails and social media engagements, it is a must to keep all the blog-related stuff in one place and organize it like they would a file cabinet. The best app they can find out there for this (and many would agree) is Evernote. The best thing about Evernote is that it works on almost all platforms (it has apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and also has software for PC and Mac) which make it easier for users to access. It also has seamless syncing so that if they saved a blog post draft on their iPhone, they can continue writing that blog post on their laptop without using wires. It also makes it easier to file things into “notebooks” and store emails and posts in folders so they can neatly archive them away.

wordpress app3. For Posting Blogs: WordPress and Blogger

Depending on what blog hosting site they use, it’s best for student bloggers to have an app that instantly connects to their blog so that they can post stuff even when they’re away from a desktop computer. This is particularly doable on the iPhone. Many blog sites like Blogger and WordPress have their own blogging apps that allow users to post blogs through their smartphones and tablet PCs. These apps commonly have blog viewing, blog posting and blog editing capabilities. WordPress even allows bloggers to check their stats and use multiple blog accounts.

analytics app4. For Checking Stats: Analytics

One of the things that blogger students with iPhones might not know is that they can actually check how their blog numbers are doing straight from their iPhones. Some apps like Analytics track the blog site’s traffic and create a comprehensive report. By knowing the blog’s audience and daily traffic, it’ll be easier to know how to promote the blog accordingly. Also, seeing how blogging pays off is a great motivation for students to blog more.

hootsuite app5. For Managing Social Media Accounts: Hootsuite

Of course, no blog would be successful without the help of social media engagement. Promoting blogs on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ has done wonders for all kinds of blogs. Hootsuite is a great app that works on most smartphone platforms and also works as an app on browsers like Google and Firefox which makes it more accessible to people on the go, like blogging students. The best thing about this social media management app is that it helps students stay updated without having to open multiple apps on their iPhone. Hootsuite can help in promoting a blog across three or more social media accounts without having to log in and out all the time.

One Final Note

Finally, there are management apps, blog curator apps, feed blogs and writing apps that not only make it more appealing to write blogs but also make it easier and more enjoyable. All that’s left for student bloggers to do now is to try these apps and experiment based on what their blogs need and what they need for blogging. Meanwhile, if they don’t have mobile devices to try them on, it’s probably time that they pick up their own iPhones so that they can be empowered to blog on the go using these apps!

Twila Berkley is a blogger who discusses iPhone news, event updates and e-recycling tips.