iPhone App Helps Replace Void Left By Dying Google Sky

Creating astronomy lessons that are out of this world just got easy. Teachers and educators are constantly seeking out new ways to engage students.  Whether they use new teaching techniques or technology tools, the goal is to transfer information into an easily understood format.   Fortunately companies like Vito Technology Inc. can aid them in their quest.   Vito Technology Inc. has created three new iOS apps:  Star Walk, Solar Walk, and Geo Walk.  These apps allow teachers and educators in science to give students full submersion into astronomy:  celestial objects, space, and the physical universe. And each app works with the iPad and the iPhone.

Star Walk, the winner of the 2010 Apple Design Award, allows students to find and name over 20,000 night time sky objects.  Students gain a better understanding of the planets, stars, and moons, because the app gives a visual and hands on learning.  The students have a more tangible learning experience which enhancing their understanding of astronomy.  The interactive simulation of planetary bodies happens in real time and the touch control map allows for a viewing area of 360 degrees.  And best of all no Internet connection is needed.

Solar Walk teaches students about neighboring planets their accompanying moons and the solar system.  Students become acquainted with neighboring bodies, including distance, size, and rotation.  This app even allows for the substitution of another planet as the center of the universe.  The graphics are in 3D and offer all the objects as a scaled reproduction. Students are fascinated because they get to hold the solar system and the Milky Way in the palm of their hands.

Have an inquiring mind?  Then Geo Walk is the app for you.  This app will answer all of your questions by giving you fast facts about the world making it great for students and parents.  This app includes information about people, places and animals.  It even allows you to spin the globe and select a place of interest.  Once you have selected your place of interest it give information about the people, geography, climate, and much more. While Google may have lost interest in Google Sky, the heavens continue to spark imaginations.

Geo Walk can be a convenient companion while traveling; it is the perfect learning tool for family fun on a long trip.